Crawfish season looking good due to excessive rain, high temps

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POSTED: Friday, December 28, 2012 - 7:30pm

UPDATED: Friday, December 28, 2012 - 7:34pm

Southern Louisiana had more rainfall this summer compared to the past 2 years, so crawfish reproduction is at an all time high, numbers and size.

"We rely on the crawfish ponds to be flooded from the rain and if it doesn't rain a whole lot the crawfish farmers have to pump water in," says Landon Parker who works at Sammy’s Bar and Grill.

But the crawfish farmers haven’t had that issue this year. With Hurricane Isaac and excessive rain the crawfish are looking better than ever.

"We've seen a lot bigger crawfish this early, so with all the rain it's helped out," noted Parker.

And with the combination of the rain and the warm temps, the expectation for the season is looking good.

"Because these things are pretty expensive, so any help we can get from mother nature it's a good thing," says Parker.

But only if Mother Nature keeps the temps high and the moisture up through January and February, “Were floating around $3 a pound. Normally we would see it a dollar higher than that this time of year."

And businesses like Sammy’s love the big crawfish they have this early in the season - but still have to make sure they are cooked just right.

"Typically the crawfish are a lot smaller this time of year and you have to find a line of how long you cook them 'cause the shells are real soft, but we've seen we're going through a mold where they have hard enough shells that you can cook them without messing them up- if they are small and soft you cook them too long, you've ruined them," noted Parker.

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