Crawfish big seller during Lent

Crawfish big seller during Lent
Wednesday, February 22, 2012 - 6:53pm

It's a big day for restaurants carrying crawfish. Starting today, many Catholics will give up eating red meat for Lent. Instead, they'll turn to seafood, specifically the Louisiana mud bugs.

Sammy's Grill is expecting to see a big increase in crawfish sales over the next 40 days. They expect to sell about one ton of crawfish every day during Lent.

"Should expect to be a little bit busier," says manager J.K. Lockhart. " We do staff up, during Lent. We have extra staff on hand, extra food runners, extra boilers. We have two guys in the back of the kitchen that do nothing but scoop crawfish all day."

Good news for customers craving crawfish, Sammy's employee's say prices are pretty low right now, thanks to a bigger catch and warmer than normal temperatures.

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