Construction delayed on long-running Woodlake Drive Bridge Project

Construction delayed on long-running Woodlake Drive Bridge Project
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POSTED: Monday, September 9, 2013 - 5:30pm

UPDATED: Monday, September 9, 2013 - 6:05pm

Construction headaches continue for people living near the Woodlake Bridge Project as Department of Transportation engineers announce some minor delays in the bridge’s completion.

Daily tasks have become much more difficult to get done these last 15 months for residents who live around the Woodlake Bridge project.

"When you leave the house to go somewhere it's about 6 miles out of the way, three miles each way. We average a couple trips a day, seven days a week, so it's a lot of extra miles," explained Earl Riles, a nearby resident.

Director of East Baton Rouge Parish public works David Guillory said he understands residents are frustrated, but said the project's taking longer then expected, and the original end date has been pushed back.

"We are hoping to be done with construction, the beginning of 2014. There have been some delays on the job as with any job. It was frustrating situation for all of us," explained Guillory.

He said it is a complex project and delays like this are normal.

"Some of the delays were utility related, some of the delays were construction related, and I haven't seen any delays thus far that are out of the ordinary. It’s a very old bridge that we're replacing," said Guillory.

People living with the construction say the end can't come soon enough.

"It was about 9, 10 months to where it was just sitting, and that was kind of aggravating. So hopefully it won't be too much longer and we'll get some relief," said Riles.

Crews were originally set to finish up the bridge in December, but have pushed that date back to January or February.

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