Construction begins on new berm,Trees falling in sinkhole caught on film

Construction begins on new berm,Trees falling in sinkhole caught on film
Photo provided by Assumption Parish.
Thursday, January 9, 2014 - 4:04am

A spokesman for Texas Brine said Construction began Wednesday on a new southern berm set to help add another layer of containment between the sinkhole and the surrounding waterways in Bayou Corne.

Texas Brine officials announced last week they would to move forward with building the new levee. The news came after repeated problems with current southern berm including the cracks and a section sank occurred.

Texas Brine spokesman Sonny Cranch said the problems with the current levee have since been repaired.

Cranch said Wednesday crews worked on clearing the path for the reroute that will be further south than the one that's already in place. Crews also added the first layer of river sand onto the cleared area.

Cranch said the new southern levee should be finished in about thirty days.

Meanwhile Assumption Parish emergency officials caught more trees sloughing into the sinkhole on film Sunday.

John Boudreaux , director of the Assumption Parish Office of Emergency Preparedness said officials first noticed trees had sank in to the sinkhole Friday. He believes they may have gone in overnight Thursday on the western side of the sinkhole.

Boudreaux said throughout the weekend more trees continued to go into the sinkhole. The parish released video on Tuesday of trees sloughing into the sinkhole on Sunday.

Boudreaux said one factor behind the slough ins is recent micro earthquake activity causing subsidence. He said another factor is the growing steepness of the edge of the sinkhole. Boudreaux said as the edge gets steeper it can sometimes no longer handle the wait of the soil and trees and the materials then begin to sink in to the sinkhole.


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