Burglaries bother Brusly residents

Thursday, January 19, 2012 - 10:26pm

Live Oak Drive is normally a quiet street in the town of Brusly.

"We're all good neighbors. We watch out for each other and we watch for strange vehicles," says Keith Dupuy.

That's until a criminal or criminals decided to break that silence and break into at least seven vehiclles on the street. According to neighbors, the thieves stole everything from money to G.P.S. devices, many of them future Christmas gifts.

"Two next door neighbors, their cars were broken into. It's mainly vehicles that have been left unlocked," says Dupuy.

And Dupuy believes the crimes were committed by a professional.

"Somebody knows what they are doing. They can get into a locked vehicle easily and quietly," says Dupuy. 

According to several neighbors, no houses were broken into and they can't remember the last time one was. While they are still angry, somebody would do something like this.

"We're upset," says Dupuy.

They say that's something they feel is becoming more and more common everywhere.

"As time goes by, things get worse," says Dupuy.

And they say the police are doing all they can to keep their town safe.

"The police force is pretty good about patrolling in here. We don't have a very large police force," says Dupuy.

And he has some common sense advice. so that nobody else gets their stuff stolen.

"I advise people to lock their vehicles, take the valuables out," says Dupuy.


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