BREC's most visited attractions soon may face price hike

Monday, November 7, 2011 - 8:47pm

It could cost you more to get to some Baton Rouge attractions, according to BREC’s superintendent.

The agency says they're spending more than they're taking in, and now, fee hikes at Baton Rouge Zoo and Liberty Lagoon are on the table.

It could cost you $1.25 more to go to the Baton Rouge Zoo; also, prices could also be going up, just slightly, at Liberty Lagoon, BREC's water park on Lobdell.

“It does cost money to have a quality zoo and as our prices go up, and animal food goes up, and all of the other things that each of us as families face, we face that as a zoo family when we take care of all the animals we take care of at the zoo,” said zookeeper Phil Frost.

The agency says though no layoffs are proposed in the budget, and lots of open positions could remain unfilled.

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