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B.R.A.V.E Program on track, despite increase in shootings this year

POSTED: Thursday, January 24, 2013 - 6:30pm

UPDATED: Thursday, January 24, 2013 - 6:34pm

There is now a new home for the B.R.A.V.E Program in Baton Rouge. The program has been credited with a decrease in the number of murders in Baton Rouge late last year.

But with numbers for 2013 on the rise, will the new home in the middle of Baton Rouges’ most dangerous zip code help turn things around?

"The 70805 is sanctified, I know there is a positive future for us as a community," says Pearl Porter, a Baton Rouge resident. Porter has been surrounded by crime and violence her whole life, but now with the help of the brave program, she says the future looks brighter. "I feel like its a positive program that is coming to the area,” noted Porter.

But 5 out of the at least 9 shootings this year in Baton Rouge have been in the 70805 zip code which is raising the big question, how much progress is this program even making?

"Were trying to address it by getting more partners on board,” says BRAVE Officer, Herbert “Tweety” Anny. ”We need to try and tackle this thing was more comprehensive approach."

Being based out of the Family and Youth Service Center in the 70805 gives BRAVE more opportunities to help the troubled youth. But officials say it’s really a community effort.

"If we can save one life that's very critical for us,” says Officer Anny. “But at the same time the community's effort is the largest component of our success."

And even Pearl Porter says to end and prevent more violence; it’s up to the families at home and the community to work together. "We are a community because 70805 don't make us we make the community,” she noted. “As a people we want to get behind brave not only brave but anyone who wants to come through and help us."

And youth that live in the area say programs out of the family and youth service center are really life changing.

"It's preparing me for a better life,’ says Joseph Burden, a resident in the 70805 zip code.” Actually last night when I was walking home a shooting had occurred and I don't like that up of stuff so getting my bed and getting my education can get me away from that."

So despite the numbers, BRAVE is working with youth to prevent a life of violence from even beginning. The Family and Youth Service Center houses over fifteen organizations dedicated to helping youth and families.

The address for the center is 1120 Government St. Baton Rouge, LA, 70802 and there number is (225) 239-7800.

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