BR serial killer sells art from prison

Tuesday, January 31, 2012 - 10:08pm

Pure disgust describes the feelings from the Angola Prison Warden about convicted serial killer Derrick Todd Lee making money off of two pictures sent from prison.

"Crazy," said Warden Burl Cain. "People are sick to sell it and are sick to buy it."

Warden Cain said the Web site,, sought out Lee, sending him a letter in December. The Web site bills itself as a seller of "true crime collectibles," or as they put it, "murderabilia."

"I think it was a scam by a trashy Web site with no compassion for the victim's at all," Cain said.

The warden said the woman who runs the web site, which is based out of Florida, also sent Lee $20. As a reply, Lee sent two pictures -- one of a panda bear eating bamboo, and another of two swans -- and now the pictures have started an online bidding war.

The panda is now being sold for $150, and the two swans were bought, and now being re-sold on a different Web site, for $200.

Warden Cain vowed to put a stop to anymore death row inmates, making profit from their art.

"We weren't looking for paintings in the past, we were looking for weapons to keep the prison safe," Cain said. "But now we're going to expand, because it's important."

We reached out to, for comment on this story, but NBC33 never received a reply.

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