Boy drowns while tubing on Amite

Sunday, June 12, 2011 - 6:23pm

It's a horrible feeling, a horrible feeling, very horrible."

Jenella Ford is suffering the pain of losing her youngest child, Gregory. He was tiki tubing down the Amite river for the first time when he suddenly drowned. While the fact that her son's body was recovered does give her some comfort, "i'm feeling sad but happy that they found him," the pain is still too much to bear, "i feel like a knife stuck me in the heart and it just left it there."

Livingston Parish officials began their search for Gregory late Saturday afternoon and finally found his body around noon Sunday. Sheriff Perry Rushing  knows that the Amite itself played a huge role in this tragedy, "the river is very deceptive. it seems calm, tranquil, smooth flowing area." Despite that he thinks it didn't have to end this way, "it seems like it could have been avoided."

Though Gregory is now gone, his mother says he will live on forever in her memory, "this was a happy-go-lucky child, he was spontaneous, always smiling" and she knows what she'll remember most about her youngest child, "that same little smile and that little face."

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