Board dismisses serious allegations against BRPD police chief

Board dismisses serious allegations against BRPD police chief
Thursday, January 10, 2013 - 7:42pm

Baton Rouge's chief of police appeared before a civil service board Thursday morning ready to fight for his reputation.

“As someone that has built a 30 year career as a professional law enforcement officer, has not been disciplined one day, nor had a letter of reprimand. But has held himself in highest standards of police service is now being called into question," Chief Dewayne White said before the board.

The allegations were one the Chief did not take lightly claiming his resolve was strong, and he was determined. At least once during the hearing the chief became emotional at the apparent lack of support for his cause,"The two people I thought would never leave my side are not here today," said the Chief.

Formal complaints had been brought against the police department's leader for Perjury and Malfeasance in Office.

"These are very egregious crimes, I’ve looked them up in the statute," he stated.

The claims were made after the chief allegedly failed to discipline Captain Lonnie Lockett, who lied to the board at a previous hearing in August. Board chair Bryan Taylor made no move to deny Lockett’s actions at the summer hearing, even calling into question the Captain’s credibility.

"Having that hearing I believe that Captain Lockett failed to show proper integrity by a captain of the Baton Rouge Police Department," Sergeant Taylor said.

Chief White claims he spoke to Captain Lockett and reprimanded him, he claimed his behavior since has been acceptable. A reprimand that perhaps some didn't feel fit the behavior.

"If he felt at that time that that would correct his behavior, then so be it," Taylor stated.

"Everything I ask captain Lockett to do he does efficiently and in the time given to him," Captain Jerry Bloom with BRPD said.

In the end the board agreed to dismiss the issue, much to Chief white's relief.

"We should not be doing proactive investigations. The allegations that have been made are criminal in nature, and this is not the proper venue for them,” Julie Cherry, the board’s vice-chair added.

Chief White mentioned to the board that he had spoken to Mayor Kip Holden before the hearing, and said the mayor promised to get involved if the hearing dragged on. The man who brought the complaints against the chief, Jason Broussard, wasn't at the hearing.

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