Balloon release for missing Brusly Teacher

Tuesday, October 25, 2011 - 11:07pm

Members of the Brusly High School community gathered together today to honor the memory of their beloved teacher Sylvianne Lozada.

Sylvianne Lozada was a beloved teacher and, since she went missing on July 6 this year, students say their school has changed.

Jessica Arceneaux was a student in Ms. Lozada's French II class. She said she can't believe her missing: " It's very hard not seeing Ms. Lozada in the hallways in the morning because, she's always outside her door saying good morning to everyone."

Today members of the community gathered at Healing Place Church to release yellow balloons.

Ms. Debbie Laprairie is a librarian at Brusly High School she says the The balloons symbolized the communities continued efforts raise awareness about Ms. Lozada's case.
"Maybe some one saw her that night she went missing, and maybe someone saw what happened," said Laprairie.

Shortly after Ms. Lozada went missing, her husband Oscar vanished to Venezuela taking their daughter Angelina with him. Baton rouge Sheriff's Deputies suspect foul play in Ms. Lozada's case and her husband is still a suspect. Sales receipts show Mr. Lozada bought five gallon buckets with lids and concrete mix on July 6, 2011 the day Ms. Lozada went missing.

Those who knew the family say they must keep up the fight to find out what happened to Ms. Lozada for her daughter's sake.

"We know that no matter what he's told that child we know with Facebook," said Laprairie, " We can get the word to her that we are still supporting her mother looking for her mother."

Ashley Marinnioux, had Ms. Lozada for Spanish I class, she said Ms. Lozada would want to make sure her was well taken care of. "Angelina was Ms. Lozada's world, and I just hope that where ever she is she is not hurt," said Marinnioux.

From ads on the radio and the school news paper to a Facebook group: students can't help but to search for their teacher. Before school started this year, Brusly High School hosted a prayer service and candle light vigil over 4 hundred people attended the event.

Ultimately the only question students want answered is what happened to Ms. Lozada.

"All students at Brusly and the community are focussed around trying to get more info trying to get her found, " said Jessica Arceneaux.

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