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Baker residents struggling to recover from tornado

POSTED: Tuesday, December 11, 2012 - 6:45pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, December 12, 2012 - 10:46pm

Mary Guerrero knows it's going to take a while before the home where she's lived with her mom for most of her life gets back to normal after a tornado ripped it apart Monday morning.

"I don't even know. I'm kind of like overwhelmed with all that needs to be," says Guerrero.

The tornado left her home without power and with money tight she doesn't know how she’s going to make it through another night inside of it. That’s especially with temperatures dipping near freezing.

"When the tornado came through the tornado tore all the wires out of the house [I] hope that things will get fixed and things will get repaired and things will go back right," says Guerrero.

And that's not the only thing on her mind; the tornado came inches away from taking her mom's life.

"If the tornado hadn't shifted half an inch where my mom was laying...she was blessed and she was able to get in her mobility chair and get out of harms way. So it was very close for her," says Guerrero.

And the stress from that near-death experience put the 79-year old into the hospital. But despite everything she's going through, Mary is still thankful to the family and friends that are helping her through this difficult time.

"I'm blessed that a lot people showed up with tarps for us to preserve what could be preserved. The blue tells me that there's hope even though it's a band aid right now. There's still hope that things will get fixed and things will get repaired and things will go back right," states Guerrero.

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Thank you so much Channel 33. That was my sister that you interviewed . It's been so overwhelming . If you could do a follow up on the story . It would be nice to see if anyone could donate time and supplies to get my mother back home. My mother is on a fixed income and can't afford the repairs . She does not have homeowners insurance , just contents. If there was anyway possible that you could help us get her back into her home it would be deeply appreciated.My family and I thank you !

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