A year later, bubble spots and resulting sinkhole problems still plague Bayou Corne

A year later, bubble spots and resulting sinkhole problems still plague Bayou Corne
Photo provided by NBC33
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POSTED: Thursday, May 30, 2013 - 6:30pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, June 4, 2013 - 11:14pm

Bayou Corne residents found the first bubble site one year ago.

Right now there are 61 bubble sites and a huge sinkhole in the small town.

They thought things would get better once the first round of buyout offers went out, but so far things have gotten worse.

Residents claim that Texas Brine, the company they believe is responsible for the sinkhole, aren’t doing “these people right” and claim that the offers they are receiving are almost insulting.

Nick and Brenda Romero got their offer on Thursday. Nick claimed that the Texas Brine didn't give him fair market value for his home. He was outraged over the amount they offered him to cover the emotional turmoil he's experienced for more than nine months.

“They offered the two of us - for personal damages - they offered us $46,000,” stated Nick.

Those who haven't gotten their offers are worried they won't do any better. 

Texas Brine officials say the amount offered for homes was based on appraisals of comparable homes in the area prior to any bubbles or the sinkhole. They say residents can give a counter offer for Texas Brine to consider. 

Residents believe that the bubbles and the bad buyout offers won't get fixed anytime soon.

Here is a map of the current bubble sites in the Bayou Corne area:


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NBC 33 had done some filming of the disaster site... so prior comment about no one in the press doing film or photos all year was removed - by me just now.

AMEN for both commentors! The most heartbreaking and shameful part of this situation is not how dispicably Texas Brine has treated our citizens, it is how abandoned they have been by OUR own media and OUR political/regulatory officials! Both have had the power to demand our citizens be properly cared for...as is their jobs! They are both the TOTAL reason this unethical company is still doing business as usual in our state and why 350 of our families have had their homes/lives stolen from them!

Nick and Brenda are my parents and as well as the other residents, I think they have suffered enough!!!!! To offer what they are offering is an insult, as they have dealt with stress and agonized for the past year because of this. They deserve to live stress free again. I am very sad/very mad at the same time...They have put so much time, money and love into their home on Bayou Corne to have it all fall apart in front of them...Texas Brine needs to make it right for all of them

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