Local homeowners come together to tackle crime in their neighborhoods

Local homeowners come together to tackle crime in their neighborhoods
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POSTED: Saturday, March 29, 2014 - 12:11pm

UPDATED: Thursday, April 3, 2014 - 3:35pm

Crime is everywhere, but for the North Baton Rouge community, it happens far too often.
So a local homeowners association is coming together to lower the crime in their neighborhoods.

"Of the 67 homicides that were committed, 11 of them were committed in our neighborhood," said Donald Hunter, pastor of New Beginnings Baptist Church.

Hunter wants to stop that.

"We have to begin to act to come together in such ways that we can formulate strategies, work with law enforcement officers, and everyone else to create a culture that's safe for our children and families to grow," Hunter said.

That's why Pastor Hunter and his fellow church members decided to start a homeowners association in the Glen Oaks West area. Now after two years in the making, homeowners can come together to tackle some big problems in their neighborhood.

"I think it's very important that we get to know our neighbors and our neighbors get to know us. It used to be a very quiet subdivision," said Charman Hebert, President of Glen Oaks West Homeowners Association.

"An accident happened in our community, and we all felt it was time to pull together and get together to do things for the safety of our children," said Velma Barnes, Vice President of Glen Oaks West Homeowners Association.

The association's focus is to come up with a plan to keep kids safer.

"We're going to put motion lights in areas that are dark, and we're going to see if that would help," Hebert said.

"We are also trying to get sidewalks where the children will have some where to play. We're going to light up the area so at night, it won't be so dark and they can see," Barnes said. "We do need the areas to be lit for them, so they can walk out there and feel safe."

This is just one out of several meetings. The association also wants to tackle blighted properties and how to increase the property values of homes in the area.

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Lauren, we appreciate the commitment 33 News provides for the work in our community. We would not have made the progress that's been made without your help. The feed back we get from the community because of your coverage help's continue to build consensus around the problems. God Bless!!!!!

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