Livingston Parish school gets new classrooms

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POSTED: Wednesday, August 6, 2014 - 4:27pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, August 6, 2014 - 5:59pm

Tomorrow is the big day for the kids and even teachers in Livingston Parish. It's the first day of school. Some of our teachers will be teaching more students than ever before in more space than they had last year.

Teachers have been coming up with ways to teach more students all summer. The parish is growing so fast. South fork elementary added new classrooms.

Livingston Parish is booming and growing. That means elementary schools like South Fork have to keep up with the education demands.

"It grows every day, and we have to be prepared for growth," said Allison Raboren, the principal of South Fork Elementary.

The school added six new classrooms thanks to funding from the parish.

"The parish was very proactive. They built on so we would have room to expand as our population grew," Raboren said.

South Fork is fairly new. It's only been here for four years. In that time, the amount of students doubled. That's why these new classrooms are such a need.

"It's awesome. I mean, we're so excited to have these new classrooms. It's a fresh start for all of us," said Jessica Puissegur, a teacher at South Fork.

"I think it's great. I think it needs to grow. It's a great kept secret, and people are starting to realize that this is the place to be," said D'Ann Wells, a teacher at South Fork.

Veteran teacher Annette Marrs got a room change. Even though she's been teaching for nearly 20 years, a new classroom always sparks her creativity.

"It's exciting to have a fresh new room, and it just helps you to bring in fresh ideas," Marrs said.

"To be able to have the space to learn, whether it's at the computer stations or whether they're working with small groups or even large group, it just provides the space that we need for the students to feel comfortable in learning," said Lisa Webb, a teacher at South Fork.

Now, they are all moved in. So, they are putting in the final touches before they meet their new students bright and early Thursday morning.

"I think it's just the last minute touching in going through and just making sure the kids are ready for a great new year," Webb said.

The expansion does not stop with the classrooms. By next year, the school will have a new gym.

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