Levee breach fixed in Choupic

Levee breach fixed in Choupic
Photo provided by staff.
Wednesday, June 4, 2014 - 7:45pm

Maria Granier lives near the spot where a levee breached in the Belle Terre area of Choupic Monday. The problem spot was patched up on Monday, making her feel better.

"Peace of mind today (Wednesday) yes," Granier said. "Peace of mind not seeing that water and not hearing it. "

Granier's brother-in-law discovered the issue with the levee Monday evening. Later, Granier went out to see what the commotion was about.

"Actually, I was in shock kind of freaked my self to see the water gushing from the swamp actually coming through that culvert like it was," Granier said.

She later went on to say: "Well it was sounding like someone would have opened up this big dam or something. It was gushing on each side of the culvert and it was really coming out"

DPW crews came out and fixed the area with sandbags. DPW officials say the area is stabilized.

Monday night the Lafourche Parish president declared a state of emergency, after the discovery of the problem spot on the levee.

Officials say heavy rain, and backwater from other parishes put a strain on the levee and eventually it led to a breach.

Officials say the breach did not affect any homes in the area.

Farther down Highway 304 people who live outside the levee's protection had a different set of problems.

Floodwater filled up Melissa Martinez's backyard. Martinez said there is no pumps or levee to protect her property.

"It's very frustrating. It's disgusting. Stinks you know they have snakes. We seen a baby alligator yesterday," Martinez said. "So, it's scary you walk outside your house it's like you never know what you are going to step on."

She wants the parish to step in and do something to keep this from happening again.

"I would love to see a levee being put here if not at least a pump just to kind of give us some relief," Martinez said.

Don Edwards, director of the parish's department of public works, said he'll be meeting with a group of engineers and other local officials next week to see what can be done in the long and short term to protect the levee.

Edwards said he will look into the flooding situation for areas out side levee protection.

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