Latest common core ruling means no changes in Louisiana classrooms

Latest common core ruling means no changes in Louisiana classrooms
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POSTED: Wednesday, August 20, 2014 - 5:44pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, August 20, 2014 - 10:31pm

Nothing will change in Louisiana's classrooms. That's the message from the state's top teacher. Judge Todd Hernandez says that the back and forth argument between the governor and the state education superintendent is only hurting our teacher and students. Today Superintendent John White said the judge's ruling gives everyone a clear picture of what students will be learning in the classroom this year.

The fight over common core and the standardized testing associated with it isn't over.

"It is critical that we get back to the work of implementing our plan for change, to provide more opportunity for our kids," says White.

The latest ruling was announced on Tuesday evening when judge Todd Hernandez said that the governor's executive order to stop PARCC tests was hurting Louisiana's education system .

"The contract that has existed for years can go forward."

When Governor Jindal tried to stop the common core curriculum teachers wondered what they'd do in their classrooms, since they've been training for this for the past four years. Superintendent White says the judge's order helps teachers move forward.

"The plan that we have long committed to was that the questions on our tests would be aligned with common core standards and that we would develop them through the PARCC process. Yesterday's ruling gives us the ability to continue that four year plan into it's fifth year."

All test questions will be developed in accordance with the curriculum that has been in place for the last 4 years.

"Those tests will be consistent, on all those tests, with what we have been telling teachers for years."

But this fight is far from over. A courtroom battle will continue, and Louisiana's commissioner of administration Kristy Nichols said the state may appeal the judge's ruling.

"The reality is that this is not a final judgement. We do have many options available to us through the judicial process and we'll exercise those as we deem appropriate," says Nichols.

Superintendent White says no matter what happens in court, for this school year, students will learn common core curriculum and they'll be tested based on those standards.

"We have taken time away from the very hard work of supporting teachers, providing choices to families, and already too much time has been lost in the process," adds White.

Governor Jindal agreed to and pushed for Louisiana's participation in common core in 2010.    

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