Lafayette raffle winner speaks out: one year and still no prize, says something's not right

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POSTED: Thursday, May 1, 2014 - 6:58pm

UPDATED: Friday, May 2, 2014 - 8:09am

"It never showed up and I never got it and I have been really disappointed since."

He’s talking about a motorcycle, a Saint's motorcycle signed by Michael Lewis that he won fair and square in a raffle one year ago.

That's when Brian Murphy bought a ticket in a fundraiser for the charity foundation of former Saint Michael Lewis.

They were raffling off a nearly 20 thousand dollar Harley! So Brian, who lives in Lafayette, bought a couple of tickets and one of them was the winning ticket. But still, Brian has no bike and no explanation.

The whole situation is extremely complex. But one thing is very clear; Brian Murphy should have this bike. You see, Brian has been through a lot and winning a motorcycle was a big deal. He was hit by a drunk driver. It left him with memory problems and limited mobility on his right side. But it doesn't stop him.

And it's why people say he’s probably the most deserving of the bike, he may never get.

Twenty three year old Brian Murphy bought two of those ten dollar tickets one year ago.

“I figured I would buy it and donate to the charity that's all I was really thinking,” said Brian.

He never imagined he would actually win. Then last April, he got the call.

"I said what motorcycle because I didn't even remember buying the ticket because of my short term memory.”

It was a custom made Saints, soft tail Harley.

“It looked awesome,” noted Brian Murphy.

The raffle was to raise money for the 'Striding for Your Dreams Foundation' which is Michael Lewis' charity foundation. When Brian bought that ticket, he was told the money would go to programs like the Boys and Girls Club. But now a representative for 'Striding for Your Dreams' says that's not the case.

"We don't raise money for them, we work with them to bring awareness," said Donnie Laing with the foundation.

Brian and his dad got to see the bike and they got a quick ride but it quickly ended there.

"He took pictures with the bike sent it to all of his friends and he doesn't have a bike," said Dan Murphy, Brian’s dad.

There are a lot of questions right now what happened to all that money from the raffle? And why didn't Brian get the bike?

“The bike wasn't paid for,” noted Brian Murphy.

Look at this, thousands of tickets! There is proof out there that the raffle made Lewis’s foundation 16,800 bucks and the Harley cost around 19,000.

“They only sent a check for 9 thousand.”

Harley couldn't wait forever for it to be paid off so they eventually had to sell it and hand off the keys.

His dad even took a class to ride one so Brian could ride with him. But now, their patience has run dry.

“Why put on a raffle like that if you’re not going to give the thing the person is supposed to win the prize,” said Brian. “It’s just stupid and cruel.”

It’s even frustrating because they're not getting any answers.

“They don’t answer our phone calls anymore.”

The winning ticket for the bike raffle was drawn at the world of wheels show in Lafayette last year. Mike didn't even show up until the last day of that event.

NBC33 reached out to Michael’s lawyers and have yet to hear back.

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