Lafayette Parish principals want expanded cell phone use in high schools

Lafayette Parish principals want expanded cell phone use in high schools
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POSTED: Tuesday, August 5, 2014 - 5:18pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, August 5, 2014 - 5:25pm

With school just around the corner, discussions on use of cell phones on school campuses are back up for discussion. The policy was up for discussion in last month's school board meeting when the board tweaked a rule that would no longer allow students to have their phones during lunch breaks, but the board said to would consider revising the rule at tomorrow nights meeting.

The policy that was proposed last month would have allowed high school students to use their phones before and after school hours while on campus, as well as during lunch breaks and teacher assigned times during class to be used as interactive tools.

Lafayette Parish School System's Director of Health and Wellness, Bradley Cruice, says the idea on expanded cell phone use on campus was actually suggested by principals in the school districts.

"Several of our principals attended a conference over the summer where they were noticing other school districts embracing the use of cell phones on their campus." said Cruice.

Not only for instructional purpose, but also for social media as well. So the high school principals approached me and asked if they could change that policy. We have our discipline committee that meets and that cell phone policy falls under that committee and it was a committee decision unanimously to allow the cell phone usage."

While the policy would surley make high school students happy, middle school students would still be restricted to phone use outside of class hours and would prohibit use unless it was before or after school.

Teachers also seem to support this policy because it would allow them to have more time focus on other things and away from having to police the current cell phone policy in schools.

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