KKK recruitment flyers distributed in Eunice, LA neighborhoods

KKK recruitment flyers distributed in Eunice, LA neighborhoods

POSTED: Wednesday, March 26, 2014 - 12:49pm

UPDATED: Thursday, November 27, 2014 - 11:33am

Someone is passing out hateful flyers in the Acadiana area, telling Eunice residents the KKK is "awake."

This flier was passed out in one predominantly black neighborhood over the weekend.

According to police, the flyers were placed on vehicles in several parking lots and thrown into driveways in several residential neighborhoods.

Authorities say it’s not illegal to pass them out since no one was threatened.

The flyer has the name “Loyal White Knights,” and phone numbers on the bottom.

It appears that whoever is responsible for making the flyers and passing them around is looking to recruit members.

According to the website listed on the flyer, they are “the largest and most active Klan in America.”

The website also says: “We hate drugs, homosexuality, abortion, and race-mixing because these things go against God's law and they are destroying all white nations.”

State Police and the FBI have the fliers. The individuals were detained and questioned then released after this incident.  

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Its time for the white men in AMERICA to stan up and let these animals know that we will not throw our GOD given rights away to a group of thugs that only wish to destroy our way of life and our country.There goal is to take over and destroy everything that the GOD fearing CRISTIAN white man has spent over 200 years to provide for our peole.They are led by a man that is not even respected by his own and he and his muslin folleres must be stpped befofe it is too late/

What individuals were detained, questioned and released?

What's so hatful about the flyer? Hood rats have gangs that are destroying our neighborhoods, they are the real threat!

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