Kids Forced to Sit on Hot Bus

POSTED: Tuesday, September 29, 2009 - 7:19am

UPDATED: Thursday, June 3, 2010 - 10:58pm

Parents in Mesa, Arizona are outraged after video surfaces showing a school bus driver parking a bus full of students and turning off the air conditioner as punishment on a day where the temperatures were over 100 degrees. When kids get rowdy on a bus the driver is supposed to pull over until they settle down, that's protocol.

In this case the driver did that but he also turned off the air conditioning for at least three minutes on a 108 degree day. You can't see faces, but you can hear the screams. Rowdy students, aggravating their bus driver who's had it! He stops the bus and shuts off the air conditioning.

On bus security tape you hear the exchange between the bus driver and kids. "If you want the air to go on you need to be quiet!" "I do not want to see anyone standing or kneeling on the seats!" "Please!" "I’ll be here all day if I have to!"

Parents are furious. "It's August, it's still hot outside. Why didn't he leave the bus running with the air still on and call for help?" asked parent Angel Williamson. "To jeopardize their health in the heat like that. A heat stroke can occur at any age," said parent Grace Rehban. The mesa public school district disciplined the bus driver, and put him on another bus route but administrators did not fire him. During the hot ride: one kid even tried to crack open a window.

You hear the bus driver say, "Leave the window up Josh!" The district is not releasing the driver's name but he has been an employee for 5 years. District officials are calling his actions, an error in judgment.