Jet display to honor veterans

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POSTED: Friday, April 11, 2014 - 4:21pm

UPDATED: Friday, April 11, 2014 - 4:44pm

Don't be surprised if you see a fighter jet on the side of 1-12.An F-4 Navy Phantom jet has a new home at the Satsuma exit. Vets were invited out for the jet's dedication ceremony Friday.

Looking at this jet means something different to everyone.

For Garry Lewis, it's a reminder of his time in the military.

"In '68 when I was getting ready to go into the military, I knew I was going to go, and I was just going to be drafted into the Army or join the Marines," Garry said.

Instead, he joined the Navy just like his dad.

"But my father told me 'Garry, join the Navy, you die cleaner,'" Garry said.

"I told him that he'd day cleaner. I didn't know whether he was going to make it back or not when he went in because he's a pilot and that's dangerous," said William Lewis, Garry's dad.

"I was so happy I did that because I eventually flew this airplane, and it was just like a dream come true," Garry said.

That's why his name on the side of the plane.

"Well when I was flying this airplane, I could not believe they were paying me to fly it, and I still can't believe they paid me to fly it. If I could sneak out here one night and take it for a spin I would, believe me," Garry admitted.

Now, the Navy vet gets to share his memories and this plane with his family and his community. It's all thanks to the Navy who donated the plane to Livingston Parish.

"A lot of mothers with sons come by and say 'Can I take a picture with my son in front of this airplane?' and that really gives me a lot of joy because that little boy is going to remember that airplane, and some day maybe he'll want to fly for the Navy," Garry said.

This weekend's packed with events to honor veterans. Events are listed below:

Saturday April 12, 2014

9:00am Gates Open

10:00am Opening Ceremony
Posting of the Colors- Walker High ROTC
National Anthem
Rifle Salute and Taps - VFW
Keynote Speakers
Paul Dietzel
U.S. Congressman - Bill Cassidy
Patriotic Music Performed by Jim and James Linden Hogg

11:30am Allied and Axis Skirmish

12:00pm Music Performance by Jeremy Downey and Anita Leblanc

12:30pm Firing demonstration of Axis weapons

1:00pm Firing demonstration of Allied weapons

2:00pm Firing of The M36 Tank Destroyer

3:00pm Main Allied and Axis Battle

5:00pm Park Closes

Sunday April 13, 2014

9:00am Gates Open

10:00 am 1940's Military Church Service

11:30pm Firing demonstration of Axis weapons

12:00pm Firing demonstration of Allied weapons

12:30pm Firing of The M36 Tank Destroyer

1:00pm Main Allied and Axis Battle

3:00p.m. Gates Close  

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