'It's a tradition': St. Patrick's Day Parade brings families together

'It's a tradition': St. Patrick's Day Parade brings families together
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Saturday, March 15, 2014 - 2:17pm

St. Patrick's Day is only a couple of days away, but people right here in Baton Rouge are wearing their green a little early. It's because of the city's annual St. Patrick's Day parade, but for some people, this is not just a parade.

"Happy St. Patrick's Day!," exclaimed the crowd.

Even though they are a little early, the Saturday before St. Patrick's Day always colors the Capital City green for it's annual 'Wearin of the Green' parade.

Some people come here for the beads, but for others, this parade means so much more.

For brothers Gerard Smith and James St. Amant, this parade has become a tradition. It's a time for them to come together, enjoy some food, some friends and some family.

"It's family. We meet new people every year, and they become part of the family. I've year we grow and we grow," Gerard said. " It's about the family atmosphere."

Gerard and James met Bill Vincent here three years ago.

"It's green. It's a lot of beads," Bill said.

Just next to the brothers' tent, another family resides, the Majors, who have been coming to the parade since it began more than 20 years ago.

"Since I was a baby, so 20 plus years," Stacy Major said.

"This brings togetherness," Connie Major said. "It's so much fun to walk to the next tents and talk to people that you've never met before.You check out what they're cooking. You check out what they're eating, what they're drinking, what they're talking about."

The 'Wearin of the Green' parade is a Baton Rouge tradition. It's been rolling for 28 years.

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