International Flying Fears? BR Travelers React

International Flying Fears? BR Travelers React
Wednesday, July 23, 2014 - 4:13pm

Just getting on an airplane is already nerve-racking for a lot of people, even without the fear of the plane crashing. While there aren't any direct flights to Israel from Baton Rouge- or through any warzones- travelers we spoke with today tell us now they're re-thinking where they may book a flight.

"If I was going over seas definitely. I probably wish I could take a cruise or something more nice but in America I feel a little bit safe but overseas definitely a little skeptical right now at the moment," says traveler Cody Adams.

"I did just get off a plane. I was a little hesitant knowing about the crash of the plane and I certainly would not be traveling in that area overseas right now. I'm just doing domestic travel," says Donna, who just flew into BTR.

Adding even more fear for some flyers- a plane crashed in Taiwan today after trying to land in stormy weather, killing 47 people on board.  

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