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Honoring our veterans: Former military receive honor medals for their service

Photo provided by staff.

POSTED: Thursday, February 27, 2014 - 4:17pm

UPDATED: Friday, February 28, 2014 - 5:56pm

They risk their lives to keep us safe. They're our veterans. Twelve local veterans were honored for their hard work and their sacrifices Thursday.

"It was my plan. I've always been a person who wants to serve others," Melissa Carter said.

That's what Melissa Carter does. She serves people every day. She's a mother of two and now works as a lab supervisor at Our Lady of the Lake Livingston, but before that, she served our country.

"I was stationed at Fort Stewart, Georgia for the entire three years I was in," Melissa said. "I was a 92 Yankee, which is a unit supply specialist, but I also served as the unit armor which is in-charge of maintaining the weapons and ammunition."

Thursday she was honored with a medal because of that.

"I cried a little," Melissa admitted. "You're not used to getting recognized as a veteran. You're really not. I'm very thankful and appreciative for Livingston Parish for putting this on. It truly shows that they do care about us."

Melissa's decision to serve was influenced by her family.

"From my grandfather, he was in World War I," Melissa said. "My father, my uncles, and pretty much every man in my family, so it was my turn."

A story a lot of people share. More than a dozen veterans were recognized by the Livingston Parish Veterans Association for their service to our country.

"If you see that medal right there, it means they served honorable for our military and they deserve our respect and our thanks," Lynn King, the president of LPVA, said.

Thanks for all the little things we often take for granted.

"The ability to gather like this and to peacefully assemble, to say a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance, and the freedoms we enjoy today that were afforded to us by our veterans," King said.

So for the people who served before her, along side of her, and the people who are still serving, Melissa said thank you.

This is the association's first time doing this, but King said he wants to make this a tradition.

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