Homeless worry about winter weather

Thursday, February 3, 2011 - 5:29pm

BATON ROUGE, La (NBC33) -- Sylvester Carlos remembers days like todays. He used to be homeless. "I'd find myself a piece of cardboard, and then wrap myself up, and wrap real good."

Tonight, he has a warm place to sleep, but others might not be so lucky. "Some of them will go to sleep and not wake up," worries Michelle Hitchins. "They might freeze to death."

That's where the shelters come in. "If there's someone out there who we know is homeless, we'll lead him to the shelter," says Andrew Williams. He used to sleep under a bridge with his wife.

Right now, Saint Vincent de Paul is in winter weather mode. Employees say any night that drops below forty degrees is considered an emergency.

"We've been packed. That means we're taking out cots. We're doing whatever is necessary to make a difference to people when they come to us," says Michael Acaldo, executive director at the charity organzation.

St. Vincent de Paul has extended its overnight hours for the men's facilities, allowing them to stay a little longer in the mornings to keep out the cold. "It's too cold to be sleeping in the streets," says Carlos.

St. Vincent de Paul has stocked up on extra supplies, extra blankets, extra clothes, and extra food, but they still need your help. Find out how to donate your time or resources to the charity organization at their website http://www.svdpbr.org/

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