NBC33 Safety Alert: High Heel Dangers

POSTED: Tuesday, December 8, 2009 - 10:35am

UPDATED: Thursday, June 3, 2010 - 10:59pm

It's a love hate relationship with heels. No matter how much they hurt, women grin and wear them. Well, it is time to save your soles. Alison Cohen saved hers by heading to foot surgeon Suzanne Levine. “I was getting this burning sensation,” Cohen described.

Alison was treated with what Dr. Levine calls “Pillows for your feet.” "I inject a filling agent, the same filler that your use in your face, and cushion the ball of your foot," said Dr. Levine. "It doesn't hurt, it was pretty easy," said Cohen. Alison's foot ultrasound now shows plenty of padding.

"Heels give me confidence and they're just, they look better," Cohen said. To feel better there are other tips besides injections. Dr. Levine says insoles can also help, but she says beware of the ones at the pharmacy. Sometimes the material is not high quality. Also, there is such a thing as too high.

Dr. Levine said, "If you're going to wear heels all day you should probably look for two-and-a-half inches, three inches at most, try to switch off during the day." Doing foot exercises will also keep you happily on your toes, just simple movements. "Picking up pencils, pressing, pretending that your foot is on a gas pedal up and down, heel stretches," said Dr. Levine. Most important, do not ignore the pain or you could be in for bigger problems.

"Low back pain, heel pain, pain under the ball of the foot, stress fractures, lateral ankle sprains, knee problems, hip problems," said Dr. Levine. Injuries like that could turn you off from wearing heels for good, and that is no fun.