Good News!

'P.A. Boot Camp' helps locals make it in the film industry

"Everyone wants to be Steven Spielberg. Everyone wants to be Martin Scorsese," said Andrew Klatter. One day, Klatter hopes someone will say the same about him.

Go Fund Me account helps EBR paramedic in need

An east Baton Rouge paramedic is asking for our help. Mark Wilson started a Go Fund Me account to help out a fellow paramedic after she underwent hip replacement surgery.

New implant allows ‘profoundly deaf’ teen to hear for the first time

Maggie Gleason, 14, who was born deaf, heard sound for the first time in her life when hearing specialists at UH Case Medical Center turned on an innovative electronic device called an auditory brainstem implant, or ABI.

Hundreds of volunteers pack thousands of meals for the hungry

Hundreds of volunteers join together for one mission... to help feed the hungry.

Local festival queens compete in 2015 Queen of Queens pageant

Some local "queens" are competing to be the top queen.

Detroit man who commuted by foot 21 miles a day surprised with a donated car

The world's most famous commuter thought he was meeting friends for lunch Friday to close out a wild week in the spotl

'Going red' to fight the silent killer

 "It can affect anyone. If you yourself don't have it, possibly family members might have it. It can affect anyone," said Dr. Tarisha Mixon. Doctors call it a silent killer.

Music therapy helps Lake Charles woman find her voice after stroke

Almost a year ago Cathy Flowers of Lake Charles, Louisiana was told she would never be able to move or speak again.

Stroke survivor uses art to ‘illuminate’ his experience

This is the story of how Edward Pramuk created his exhibit, “Illuminations”.

Single Colorado dad goes to beauty school for daughter

A former Navy technician with a shaved head has become the go-to hair stylist for his 2-year-old daughter. Single dad Greg Wickherst could barely contain Izzy's hair in a simple ponytail.

Volunteers piece together new playground for kids at Bernard Terrace

The work continued Saturday on a new playground for kids at Bernard Terrace Elementary.

Pennington launches new tool to fight childhood obesity

A new tool could be the key to fighting childhood obesity in Louisiana.

182 Louisiana homeless assistance programs receive federal grants

Christian Arvel, a homeless man who made his own shelter in Mid City can tell you how much of a difference a little help can make.

New campaign launches to end secondhand smoking in BR

 "2015 will be the first year where all of our local hospitals and healthcare organizations will have tobacco-free campuses," said Mayor of Baton Rouge Kip Holden.