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BR mom writes book to help inspire young women

"So why not? Amazon... Amazon Girl," said Elizabeth Demarest. That is the name of Demarest's first book. She grew up in the Amazon helping her family build churches and homes for people who had nothing.

How students at Southeast Middle School plan to fight breast cancer

 "Our kids need to give back to our community. Our community really supports them. I want my kids to understand that when you ask for help, you'll receive it," said Michelle Perk, a teacher at Southeast Middle School.

Gonzales Chief of Police honored at Black History Month celebration

On Thursday, February 26, students, staff and faculty from G.W. Carver Primary School took part in a special Black History Month celebration honoring famous African Americans who have paved the way in leadership roles.

How Shiloh Baptist Church helped fight for civil rights

It is more than 140 years old...

How a balloon can help treat chronic sinus infections

 The sneezing and the headaches... a lot of us deal with sinus problems, but some more than others, like Ross Dupre. "Every couple of months, I'd be back at the doctor for antibiotics," Dupre said.

Louisiana Army officer establishes HIV/AIDS clinic in his native Uganda

Ten years ago, Army Reserve Capt. Frank Musisi went home to Uganda, to the village where he grew up. He was still at the beginning of a career that began when he came to America to go to school.

Washington church transforms strip club into coffee shop

An old Shoreline, Washington building with a dark and seedy past is getting a chance at redemption. "The Junction" is a place where anyone can come inside for a bite to eat, a hot cup of coffee and a warm reception.

What does the USS Kidd mean to you?

The USS Kidd has been a fixture in the capital city since 1982. Over that time, it has seen it's up and downs.

How a profoundly disabled boy became a running champ

Twelve years ago, Rachel Miller was lost when it came to her son John. The 7-year-old was profoundly disabled because of his autism. Unable to speak, he withdrew from people at school and, worse, from his family.

Gas for Guns program brings out dozens

Dozens of people came out to Elm Grove Baptist Church Saturday to trade their guns for gas money.

In Vitro fertilization is giving new hope against risky child birth

One of the most selfless decisions someone can make is the decision to become a parent.

Domestic violence center gets new director, takes experience to help victims

Statistics say one in three women will experience domestic violence.

Sen. Cassidy Senator Cassidy introduces the Veteran EMT Support Act

There’s no way to sugar-coat it. All over the nation, there is a growing need for more certified emergency medical technicians.

How eight inmates 'signed' their way to a better life

Lonnie Thibodeaux never thought he would be here.

More than $27K raised for heroic dog hurt in Ohio house fire

 Fans of a heroic dog who fought in vain to save her owner's life in an Ohio house fire have donated more than $2