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BR Yoga students fight Alzheimer's Disease with 'The Brain Cleanse'

We exercise our body--arms, legs--but what about our brain?"  If you look into the future, imagine you are 80 or 100 years old and you are physically fit, but your brain doesn't work, what is that good for?" said Yoga Master,

2014 National Signing Day

Wednesday, February 5, 2014, is the day that high school seniors from around the nation will officially be signing with their schools of choice.  We are tracking local athletes and their big decisions. Below is a list of students and their chosen schools. Check back for updates as more athletes sign.

NFL gives armless high school kicker VIP trip to Super Bowl

His pick to win the big game may have lost Sunday, but 14-year-old Isaac Lufkin is still smiling after a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Super Bowl.

Local business owners see growth and community support

Louisiana continues to grow, and baton rouge has proven that businesses want to come here. In a recent report from Careerbuilder, Louisiana ranks 19th among U.S. states with new business growth.

BR Epicurean Society honors Jay Campbell with lifetime achievement award

Jay Campbell, President and CEO of Associated Grocers, will be the recipient of the Grace ‘Mama’ Marino Lifetime Achievement Award for 2014.

SU’s Casarotti to judge pianists in Taiwan

Southern University music professor, Joao Casarotti, will be one of two judges on an international piano committee in Taiwan this summer.

CA: Mom goes from heroin addict to PTA Mom

In many ways, my life is ordinary and extraordinary at the same time.

BREC Zoo Tigers named Denver and Seattle predict Super Bowl XLVIII winner

We've all heard of animals who predict who's going to win the Super Bowl, like most recently Eli the Ape from Salt Lake City who predicted the Seahawks will take home the trophy.

Local comic book artist wants to create more opportunities in South Louisiana

A well-known Lafayette comic book artist is hoping to help other artists get and keep jobs here at home.

First minority in middle district of LA appointed U.S. Chief Probation Officer

For many, Thursday was a day of history. "I've always wanted to be the first at something, a

Private I's Family Ties: Private investigator works to reunite families

Imagine going your entire life not knowing who your birth parents. Well it happens more often than you might think. That's where a Port Allen private investigator comes in. She helps people find their loved ones.

WY: After 70 years, woman is reunited with class ring

A Kinnear, Wyoming woman says she thinks a lot about the earlier days of her life since a lost ring was given back to her.

Woman gives birth in Atlanta gridlock

In the middle of the winter storm that paralyzed Atlanta Tuesday, a mother gave birth in her car along I-285.

MO teacher builds special flute for student with cerebral palsy

It's just 8:30 a.m., but 6th grade band class is music to the ears of Kevin Smith in Ballwin, Missouri. "My passion is showing kids how to play instruments and getting them started," Smith said.

Gonzales educator named Ascension Parish teacher of the year

The Ascension Parish School Board announced on January 27, that it has presented with Christie Spohn with the Primary Teacher of the Year Award.