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WY: After 70 years, woman is reunited with class ring

A Kinnear, Wyoming woman says she thinks a lot about the earlier days of her life since a lost ring was given back to her.

Woman gives birth in Atlanta gridlock

In the middle of the winter storm that paralyzed Atlanta Tuesday, a mother gave birth in her car along I-285.

MO teacher builds special flute for student with cerebral palsy

It's just 8:30 a.m., but 6th grade band class is music to the ears of Kevin Smith in Ballwin, Missouri. "My passion is showing kids how to play instruments and getting them started," Smith said.

Gonzales educator named Ascension Parish teacher of the year

The Ascension Parish School Board announced on January 27, that it has presented with Christie Spohn with the Primary Teacher of the Year Award.

Returning Marine surprises daughter in mascot suit

A college student in North Carolina got an unforgettable surprise at a basketball game when her father, who was supposed to be in Afghanistan, showed up. It takes a special individual to put on a mascot suit.

5-year-old boy makes life saving call

Five-year-old Jackson McManus of Brownstown Township, Michigan is a hero after calling 911 last week when he and his twin sister were home and their dad, Michael, passed out. 911 operator: Rockwood 911, what is your emergency?

WY: Terminally ill boy becomes Police Chief for a day

An inoperable brain tumor inspired 5-year-old Dorian Layton to make a bucket list. "Meet the chief of police" and "ride in a police car" topped the list.

BR teacher turns fitness journey into a blog, inspiring people across the country

We've all heard of those stories where someone goes from being out-of-shape to fit. Well, this one's a little different.

OK man survives 20 min in cardiac arrest and 6 day coma

When Tony Hall of Oklahoma City walked into work, he had no idea he would drop dead that day. Suddenly, without warning, he slumped over the tractor he was driving at Northwest Building Supply.

BR man redefines what it means to be an athlete

For athletes, it's the thrill of the race or that big game, adrenaline pumping, as they push themselves to the limit. Well, for one local man, his ability to compete in his sport changed in an instant when he lost both of his legs.

Governor's FY 15 budget to fully fund merit increases for state employees

Commissioner Kristy Nichols announced today that increases in pay based on the performance of all eligible state employees would be fully funded in the 2015 fiscal year executive budget.

TX officer gives valuable gift to homeless man

Someone caught a police officer in the act of offering help to a homeless man in Odessa, Texas, and took a photo that’s getting a lot of attention.

St. George firefighters rescue window washer

St. George firefighters rescued a window washer on Wednesday.

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: TX cop stops to toss football with boy

Dash-cam video of a Texas police officer stopping to toss a football with a boy he didn't know has gone viral. One Texas officer's act of kindness has melted hearts around the world.

Lolo Jones competes in 3rd Olympic games

Lolo Jones, a former LSU Tiger, has officially been named a member of the U.S. Olympic bobsled team. Baton Rouge locals might remember Jones from her time as an LSU track and field standout.