WY: After 70 years, woman is reunited with class ring

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Thursday, January 30, 2014 - 2:31pm

A Kinnear, Wyoming woman says she thinks a lot about the earlier days of her life since a lost ring was given back to her.

94-year-old Betty McAleenan gave her class ring to her husband before he went off to fight in world war II.

"It's the most amazing thing anybody ever knew. I got the most tremendous shock when we received a box with all of Bob's, that was my first husband, all of his information," said McAleenan.

McAleenan knew Bob Griebel as a teenager. They married in 1942.

Shortly after, he left to fight in World War ii, taking with him a special ring and that ring has finally found its way home.

Griebel carried Betty's Lander Valley High School graduation ring from 1936.

He flew on a plane called "Naughty But Nice."

Tragedy struck on June 26, 1943 when his plane was shot down.

Griebel's remains weren't found until several years later.

They were later returned to Riverton, Wyoming in the mid-80s and a ceremony was held.

The Department of Defense reopened the investigation on her first husband's crash decades later.

In 2001, the POW/MIA Joint Task Command had gone back and completed an archeological dig and sifted the soil that accumulated over the years.

They found more remains and Betty's class ring that she gave to her husband more than 75-years earlier.

"I don't know what I'll do with this ring. Well i know I'm not taking it with me. Probably won't be too long,butI have granddaughters and so forth and I think there is a history to that ring that they may enjoy," said McAleenan.

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