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Thirty-year drainage project nears completion in Ascension Parish

Thirty-year drainage project nears completion in Ascension Parish
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POSTED: Friday, March 22, 2013 - 5:30pm

UPDATED: Friday, March 22, 2013 - 5:34pm

Flooding is no laughing matter in Ascension Parish - hundreds of residents have experienced high water, and they've been waiting for years to see something done about it.

“I joined - what we’ve called the group – the ‘Sandbaggers’. These were people interested in getting something done about it (the flooding),” stated resident Howard Epps.

As part of the Sandbaggers, Epps helped start a half-cent sales tax to begin a major drainage program; however, this was almost thirty years ago.

“Back in 1984, it started as the Follet Plan,” stated Ascension Parish Councilman Randy Clouatre. “There were several phases of that plan, but I am proud to see what has been done with our tax money and nearing the completion of all those programs now."

The Henderson Bayou floodgate is nearly complete and will help eliminate major flooding in Ascension Parish ... and boost the economy.

“If they (residents) know there's an incoming storm, hopefully they will be able to sleep soundly, without worrying about water coming into their houses,” said Tommy Martinez, Ascension Parish President. “It’s going to protect 500 homes in the parish."

Martinez says the project will also boost the parish’s economy.

“Correcting the problem with these floods stations and flood gates will help the economy in Ascension Parish and match all the growth that we’re seeing."

The completion date for the Henderson Bayou floodgate is March of 2014. The second Marvin Braud pump station will be done around that time as well.


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