Students gearing up for first ever Dance Marathon at LSU

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POSTED: Wednesday, February 12, 2014 - 6:34pm

UPDATED: Thursday, February 13, 2014 - 10:33am

It’s a tradition across college campuses nationwide and it raises millions of dollars for the Children’s Miracle Network, now its here in Baton Rouge.

The Dance Marathon at LSU is coming to LSU next Friday. Hundreds of people will be coming together to dance for 26 hours straight.

“I never heard of it before but I did hear of it in the traditional sense but not in this new age sense where we don’t even dance,” Mallory Horner.

It's a dance marathon but it’s more than just fun and games, its students and the community dancing for children in need.

“Each local dance marathon raised money for their local children miracle network hospital,” said Horner.

The best thing about being in this so far is actually going to the hospital and seeing the children we are helping

Here in Baton Rouge, Our Lady of the Lake Children's Hospital is on the receiving end."

You can see our in their faces of how appreciate they are their families they thank us you don’t even know what your doing for our family

“We have miracle families coming every hour to talk about their stories at OLOL,” Lauren Codogan who is the fundraising director for the Dance Marathon.

These students have put in countless hours to put on this event that they hope will become an annual tradition.

" I am going to put my time to use and help someone else who needs my help,” said Melanie McKoin who is the Executive Director for the event.

For one night the community will come together to dance for children in need. The organizers hope the event excites the community enough to support it for years to come.

“We hope it gets as big as other schools, especially in the SEC we want to compete with them and make sure our tigers stay at number one,” stated Codogan.

Dance Marathon at LSU is next Friday at the Parker Coliseum on Highland Rd. and opens at 5:48. If you are not signed up in advance you can stop in for only five dollars and participate in the fun, while helping a good cause.

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