Soldiers come home just in time for Christmas

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POSTED: Monday, December 16, 2013 - 5:52pm

UPDATED: Monday, December 16, 2013 - 6:04pm

Christmas is next week, but Monday, Christmas came a little early.

Soldiers from the 922nd National Guard Unit came home to loved ones that have been missing them and waiting for them all year.

When someone you love is a soldier, a long time can feel like forever.

"We've been looking forward to this day for a long time," Debbie Sutton said. "I was nervous when she was over there, but we were in contact with her through Skype, and we also sent packages to her, and she responded to us."

It's what Cammie Sutton's family has been doing for the past year. That's a year of waiting for this moment.

"Her child is just waiting and just counting down the minutes until his mommy comes home for Christmas," Debbie said.

Cammie was deployed to Kuwait with her National Guard unit at the beginning of this year and having a soldier in the family isn't something new. It's in their blood.

"I'm a Vietnam veteran. I was in the Air Force for three years, six months, and 14 days, and I am very proud of my granddaughter," Vance Sutton, Cammie's grandfather, said.

"Just a wonderful feeling. We all love America, and we all want the support that our boys and girls in the military do for us," Linda Furr, Cammie's cousin, said.

However, this time of year all they want is one thing.

"Hug her and say stay home!" Debbie exclaimed.

"It just enlarged my heart so much. I feel really great," Vance said.

Everyone feels that way. Her grandparents, her parents, and her little boy. He's four years old this Christmas, and Santa gave him his wish.

"Great! Happy to be home," Cammie Sutton said. "It's awesome, especially at Christmas."

As for her next step, she wants follow in her grandfather's footsteps and join the Air Force.

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