Second grader makes a difference with change; 'Jar for Change'

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POSTED: Tuesday, September 24, 2013 - 5:00pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, September 24, 2013 - 6:19pm

A Baton Rouge boy is hoping to change the world by collecting coins to help sick babies. His name's Joey Roth, and he took his message to some high schoolers Tuesday.

"I want to help children especially because at one point everyone was a child, and I believe helping anyone and everyone with change can help make the world a better place," Joey said. 

Joey Roth is just seven years old, and he said he wants to make a difference. That's why he's collecting change to help babies in the community.

"I started Jar for Change because I find money in a lot of places like stores, restaurants and on streets. I wanted to use it to help others," Joey said. "I named my project 'Jar for Change' because my initials are JAR, we collect change in change jars, and the goal is to change the world with change."

Joey's been able to get his project off the ground with help from his parents and Woman's Hospital. Lynn Weill, the Vice President of Woman's, said Woman's is happy to be a part of the project.

"When I got the word from his mother and from Joey himself that he wanted to do this project I was just blown away," Weill said. "It's amazing to see someone of Joey's age, at seven, to care so much about others and want to help give back."

Joey's raised more than $500 since he started "Jar for Change." He said he still needs your help, and it all starts with a jar.

"Collect the change every week or so, have a grown-up get the money to us, and spread the word," Joey said. "Thanks and keep looking for change."

"We're just very excited. We're going to do every thing we can at Woman's to help with the project," Weill said. "I'm taking three jars back today to place at Woman's. We are going to be behind Joey all the way."

All the money from 'Jar of Change' will go to Woman's Hospital to help the babies there, and Joey hopes more hospitals will join in.

For more information on Joey's campaign, you can go to his facebook page:

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