People in the Valley Park neighborhood say they're grateful; 'Operation Restore Pride'

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POSTED: Monday, July 22, 2013 - 6:30pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, July 23, 2013 - 9:14pm

The mayor wants you to take pride in your community, so he's launched a program that's designed to help restore neighborhoods that need to be cleaned up.

The first neighborhood on his list is Valley Park just off College Drive. Gregory Cooper has lived and worked in the Valley Park neighborhood for 25 years.

"I've seen it overtime go up and down. We're actually grateful with where we are now, but with this initiative the mayor has launched, it's really going to help put us where we really need to be," Cooper said.

Cooper said he just wants it to stay clean, so he supports the mayor's efforts to restore his neighborhood.

"His initiative is to restore pride, and after that, it will be our responsibility to maintain the pride," Cooper said. "Sometimes you simply need a helping hand to get to where you need to get to, and by having the mayor-president out here today says to the community that the community's valuable."

Broderick Fowler has tried to clean up Valley Park many times, but Fowler believes the mayor's effort is the push they need.

"I feel it's a great thing! I feel it's wonderful! I'm excited about it," Fowler exclaimed. "I hope that this is the first of many efforts to restore, not just Valley Park neighborhood, but all neighborhoods in Baton Rouge."

Kip Holden, the mayor of Baton Rouge, said "Operation Restore Pride" is to help pick up trash and cut down weeds, so more people will become attracted to the area.

"That's the plan and hopefully it does. With the mayor's and God's help we should be able to do great things if we all stick together," Fowler said. "I saw the potential it had by being in an area off College Drive. With all the businesses in the area, I saw that it could be a booming area, if we come together and do what we're supposed to do and how we're supposed to do it."

"It will be our responsibility to maintain what he restored, so we're looking forward to that," Fowler said.

"Operation Restore Pride" will be going on all week. City-parish workers will be clearing out overgrown lots, removing abandoned cars, while educating residents on pest control and fire safety.   

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