New Visit Baton Rouge campaign targets locals: #GoBR to engage area residents

New Visit Baton Rouge campaign targets locals: #GoBR to engage area residents
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POSTED: Monday, May 5, 2014 - 5:00pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, May 6, 2014 - 8:33am

"So were encouraging our residents to get out and share the message of Baton Rouge through a viral campaign."

Baton Rouge had more than 2.3 million tourists last year alone all those people brought in 1.4 billion dollars. And this year, we could see even more.

Visit Baton Rouge is hoping their new campaign ‘#goBR’ will highlight the positive impact tourism has had on our economy. They want to people who live here and people who visit here to embrace why our city is so great.

With the help of upcoming events like the Miss USA pageant, this campaign is sure to hit the ground running.

It’s safe to say, people who live in Baton Rouge are proud of their city.

Especially Frank Tisa, the New York native now calls himself a southern man.

"The first thing we fell in love with was the openness of the people. They were very friendly."

Tisa moved here because of what Baton Rouge had to offer. And Visit Baton Rouge wants to make sure locals appreciate all the city has to offer too.

“We’re going to ask you to ask your friends and family and go out into the community and enjoy Baton Rouge," said Visit Baton Rouge’s, Renee Areng.

The idea is that when visitors see how much you love your city, they'll love it too. And businesses downtown say they depend on that.

"We have a lot of tourists,” noted Shlitz and Giggles manager, Jeffery Waley. “We have a lot of people coming in for the sporting events for the concerts and all that we throw downtown so it’s very important of us.”

And speaking of events, Miss USA 2014 could mean big things for our city. And everyone is gearing up for it, including the #goBR campaign.

“They will be very active in the community from 2 weeks. They will be visiting the USS Kidd, going to the old governors mansion, and the agendas is really mind boggling,” noted Areng.

And as they tour our city, they'll be able to take pictures with a keychain and then show people all over social media, why we're so special.

"All of that will end up on national television to sell the brand of Baton Rouge."

And local restaurants like Schlitz and Giggles are ready for the next surge off tourists, for their business and the city as a whole.

“I think all in all the draw and the amount of tourists coming in is going to have a huge impact."

Tourism in our city supports more than eight thousand jobs and generated 65 million dollars in tax revenues last year.

So snap a picture and post to social media with hash tag BR and you will be entered into future contests.

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