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New Orleans waiter gets $10K tip

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014 - 12:55pm

A mystery tipper known for leaving outrageous tips at restaurants around the country... Paid a visit to New Orleans.

Now, a local waiter is $10,000 dollars richer.

French Quarter waiters like Michael Frazier are on alert after this picture was posted to the social media site, Instagram. It shows someone racked up a $9,000 bill at Galatoire's Saturday night, then left an even bigger, $10,000 tip. It's every server's dream, especially during New Orleans’s slow, summer months.

The photo was posted under the name "tips for Jesus," which has created a nationwide buzz with photos of dozens of other hefty tips left around the country.

Earlier on Saturday, tips for Jesus garnered dozens of responses with a single question: "In New Orleans, where should we go?"

We're told it's not the first time this mystery tipper has visited Galatoire's. In fact we're told he's left large tips here before.

Galatoire's itself is keeping tight lipped. Management released this two line statement, saying only: "Galatoire's does not discuss payment information related to our guests. Further, Galatoire's does not withhold or retain employees' gratuity."

Ian Mcnulty is a restaurant critic with our partners at the New Orleans Advocate. He says if the mystery tipper is still in town, there's no telling where they'll hit next. 

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