LSU powerlifter on his way to Russia for a World Competition

Courtesy of Garrett Bailey
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POSTED: Monday, June 3, 2013 - 6:15pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, June 4, 2013 - 6:19pm

One Baton Rouge powerlifter has earned the right to represent LSU and the U.S. at a World Competition in Russia, but getting there will take more than strength.

Garrett "Bottesy" Bailey powerlifts without any equipment. it's called raw lifting, and he's good. In fact, last summer, he won in his weight class at the raw nationals.Now he's ready for the raw world's in Russia.

"I'm excited... a little nervous cause people are telling me you know there's a bunch of things going on in russia right now and it's also my first time out of the country," Bailey said.

It'll be the first time competing at this level against other powerlifters from other countries. It's just two weeks away, but he still has some money to raise.

"I say I'm almost there. My tickets paid for. My visa's paid for," Bailey said. "The only thing that is left is just raising enough money so I would be able to pay for the hotel to Moscow and back."

Bailey said he is about $400 shy of his goal, but he hasn't given up.

"This final thing I'm going to be trying out is deadlift competition and it seems that I've gotten a few people to come over with that, and that should give me just enough to get me to Russia," Bailey said.

Also, once he's there, he's ready to win.

"I'm pretty happy to do it... this will be the first time that a LSU Powerlifter will have a team member in raw worlds competition," Bailey said. "We've had people in Worlds competition, but that is with equipment."

He said his goal is to be able to lift more than 1700 pounds, which is 100 pounds more than he's ever done.

"Train hard. If you do fail you know keep working at it cause everyone is going to fail every once in a while don't let it deter you," Bailey said. "You will get stronger if you keep at it."

Bailey will be holding a deadlift competition this Saturday at Paul Fletcher's House of Power at 3:00 PM to help him raise the rest of the money.  

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