LSU powerlifter gets inspiration from a world champion powerlifter

LSU powerlifter gets inspiration from a world champion powerlifter
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POSTED: Friday, June 7, 2013 - 8:54pm

UPDATED: Saturday, June 8, 2013 - 8:45pm

 A Baton Rouge powerlifter is on his way to compete at the international level. Today, he met one more a man who shares his passion. 

Dr. Donald Dreyer started powerlifting a little late in life at age 75. By 91, he had eight world competitions under his belt.

“I hope to live to be a hundred, and I hope to be powerlifting at a hundred and competing," Dreyer said.

He just “saw some other people powerlifting,” so he joined them and soon thereafter, began competing.

LSU powerlifter, Garrett “Bottesy” Bailey, had a different start to his story. He's been lifting since he was 18, and now he's headed to his first world's competition. He does not want it to be his last though.

“I hope I don't turn out like most of the people he has experienced and wind up burning out young. I hope to just keep going as long as I can," he added.

Dreyer’s participation in the sport surprises some people.

"When they eyebrow, and they kind of set themselves back a little bit," Dreyer said. "It's still all new to me."

So when they met for the first time today, Dreyer had a little advice for Bailey.

“You don't always win, but you still have to enjoy the competition no matter if you win or not," Dreyer said.

That is why Dreyer says he won't stop powerlifting anytime soon.

When asked how long he plans to lift, he said "...As long as I can. I don't have any desire to quit." Bailey commended him, saying, "I think it's pretty amazing. I hope to be his age and even older still powerlifting."

After the meeting, Dr. Dreyer donated to Bailey's fund. Bailey's last fundraising effort will be a deadlift competition at Fletcher's House of Power Saturday at 3:00 P.M.                

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