LSU now officially Sport Event Security Aware

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POSTED: Thursday, April 18, 2013 - 6:30pm

UPDATED: Thursday, April 18, 2013 - 8:50pm

LSU has been recognized for its efforts to keep you safe. The school is now officially Sport Event Security Aware.

LSU is one of 11 schools in the nation that knows how to keep the school, students, faculty, fans and surrounding community safe during a game.

“Usually I feel pretty safe going to games," says student Philip Espinoza.

"I go to all the home games...when I do go I do feel pretty safe," noted student, Rebecca Moser.

Rebecca and Phillip love rallying behind their school. More specifically at sporting events and they rarely feel unsafe. And that's just how LSU and local law enforcement want them to feel, safe and secure.

"I promise parents that we will look after their children, their children will be safe, and I promise the faculty the same thing," says LSU President, Dr. William Jenkins.

LSU is prepared for any situation that might arise and of course geared up to keep everyone safe at any event. With the terror in Boston only a few days ago, students say they are proud of LSU's responsibility.

“That's so great and it really means that LSU is taking it seriously, especially with all the things that have happened this week,” said Moser.

“That's what were going to get out of the Boston Marathon, how we can make events safer in the future," said National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security Director, Lou Marcian.

But students such as Phillip say even though they are ready for anything, life can still throw curve balls.

“I do think they do a pretty good job working together. I think it is a little concerning to think that something like that could happen whenever and you can't really plan or predict what's going to happen," noted Espinoza.

Even with the security of the school, the students still understand they need to be responsible for themselves.

“In our lives, right now, terrorism and people doing crazy things to a big group of people; it needS to be taken care of and we need to be alert - everyone does,” said Moser.

The first spring game will be this weekend at Tiger Stadium.

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