Local Catholic school teacher recognized by Notre Dame for dedication

Local Catholic school teacher recognized by Notre Dame for dedication
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POSTED: Tuesday, February 11, 2014 - 6:30pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, February 18, 2014 - 5:27pm

Tuesday was a special day for a special educator, whose life long dedication to education in the catholic school system was recognized during a stop on the "Fighting for our Children's Future" national bus tour.

Tuesday they joined together in prayer, celebrating the mission of catholic schools and education.

Representatives from Notre Dames’ ACE program praised the catholic school system in their tour around the nation.

"Seeing the excitement in the student’s faces and seeing the commitment of teachers and administrators; really sharing in this community moment," said Drew Clary from Notre Dame.

It’s something the Alliance for Catholic Education or ACE as well as Notre Dame is recognizing.

"In each community we visit, we award someone who’s dedicated their life to catholic schools," noted Clary.

One very special woman, who's been working at St. John catholic school almost her entire life, is getting the notice she deserves.

Bernardine Legendre has been at St. John for 34 years.

“St. John has always been our life and I wouldn't be anywhere else,” noted Legendre.

Her mother graduated from St. John, her daughter now teaches there and her grandchildren are getting their education there as well.

"She’s really giving her energy, her skill and herself to the school and community and that’s the point of our bus tour not to talk about us and our teachers but it’s really to put the focus on the local community,” noted Clary. “So by awarding her that's one way where able to do that."

By receiving this award, that purely acknowledges her dedication to catholic education, was a shock to Legendre in more ways than one.

"It validates all the things I have done here at St. John," said Legendre.

Even her daughter agrees she’s been more than just an asset in catholic life; she’s been an inspiration in the community.

“She's been here as a constant making sure we stay here and this school is a great success," said Lagorne’s daughter Lisa Morel.

ACE is a program offered by Notre Dame that sends education students across the nation to teach for two years at a Catholic school in need. Once finished, they recieve the experience as well as a teaching certificate.

Representatives from Notre Dame are traveling to 50 cities total to recognize catholic education across the US. For more information about the "ACE" program visit their website here for more information.

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A very outstanding award for a very special person - Coach Dugaslarrykaaren@cox.net

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