Last minute shoppers prepare for Thanksgiving holiday

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POSTED: Wednesday, November 27, 2013 - 10:41pm

UPDATED: Thursday, November 28, 2013 - 3:15pm

If shopping carts, long lines, and crowds of people make you think about Black Friday, think again.

"We're actually getting some last minute thanksgiving stuff," said shopper, Taylor Azar. 
"That's why i'm here. I'm last minute."  "My mom told me to get this like three days ago," she added, as her friend Christine LeBlanc laughed. 

"It's getting down to crunch time. I tell you what, it's been busy since we opened up the front doors this morning," said Winn Dixie Assistant Store Director, Jarred King.

But once you hustle to the last minute sales, what do you put in the cart?

"I made a turkey last year for the first time and it was 'the bomb'," said shopper, Flo Williams. "Mom's cornbread stuffing," chimed Azar. "Cajun smoked turkey and cherry pie," said shopper, Justin Iredale. "My favorite is green bean casserole," added shopper, Zach Heathman. "My mom's candied potatoes," said LeBlanc. "[People are] getting that fresh turkey now cause it's not a lot of time left to thaw it out," mentioned King.

Sounds like a lot on the grocery list, but its well worth it for shoppers with whom we spoke.

"Me and my friends--we can't really go home for thanksgiving," said Heathman.  "So we're having like our own little 'friendsgiving' here on campus at LSU.

"It's me, my sister, and my niece," added Williams.  "We're the only ones here; we're from Miami, so home is a long way. Family makes Thanksgiving better."

If you can't seem to find your favorite item, staff says just ask.

"We may have some things in the back room. We'd be more than happy to help you out with that, or suggest a like item," said KIng.

And whether early or late, shoppers all agree to embrace the season.
Iredale said, "I'm basically here to try to enjoy what little Thanksgiving i have. I can't make it home for the holidays, so [I have] a little time to myself."  Heathman enjoys "The memories you make, just sitting around the thanksgiving table sharing stories with family and friends.

According to management, items that are flying off the shelves are stuffing mix, paper goods, and of course turkeys.  

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