Iberville Parish students get a jump start on college

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POSTED: Monday, September 9, 2013 - 5:00pm

UPDATED: Monday, September 9, 2013 - 6:07pm

Some high school students in Iberville Parish are getting a jump start on college. They are enrolled at Baton Rouge Community College and high school at the same time.

The students said it's cool that they can work out their freshman jitters before finishing high school.

Madeline LeBlanc and Kristiana Williams are both seniors at MSA East in St. Gabriel. They are part of a group of nearly twenty Iberville Parish students getting a head start in college.

"I think I want to major in Chemistry," LeBlanc said. "So this is giving me the opportunity to take an actual college chemistry class to make sure that's actually what I want to go into."

"We're actually getting experience, and most people actually drop out their freshmen year of college," Williams said. "So you know what to do and what to handle and all that."

Donovon Griffin and Sebastian Brummett said the program lets them adjust to college before they are full-time students.

"That it's always nice to get to know your professors and talk with your professors," Griffin said. "You might not be able to do an assignment and have it due on time, but if you don't talk to your professor, you just don't get a grade."

"Well I mean why not? It's just going to show us what we have to look forward to in college life and what to be expecting," Brummett It let's us know. That way, we are not jumping in blind."

It's called the Early College program. The students get college credits and the college experience. Plus, Amanda Mayeaux said students can find out if college is the right step for them.

"What we find when we look into the research is, most students don't drop out of college because they can't do the academics. Most of them drop out of college because they can't do college," Mayeaux said. "Speaking to professors are some of the things we've kind of practiced and worked on, managing your time, having a study group. Just all of those pieces that we don't know how to do when we get to college that are barriers and stop people from finishing."

High school students get discounted tuition rates at BRCC, and the program pays for their textbooks.   

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