England in 1819 represents BR in Paste Magazine’s list of Louisiana bands

England in 1819 represents BR in Paste Magazine’s list of Louisiana bands
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POSTED: Tuesday, April 2, 2013 - 1:00pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, April 2, 2013 - 3:30pm

Twelve Louisiana-based bands gained a place in the national spotlight with in the latest installment of the 50 States Project by Paste Magazine.

Only one band, however, from the Baton Rouge-area made the list.

“We were thrilled,” Andrew Callaway, member of England in 1819, said when asked about being featured in the article. “We thought it was great. I think Louisiana could use a little more attention for its indie music.”

Louisiana is the 16th state to be featured in Paste Magazine’s 50 States Project. The mission of the running feature is to explore and select some of the top local acts from each state. The majority of those featured in the Louisiana list are from the New Orleans or Lafayette areas.

“I don’t know what they based it on,” Callaway said. “I thought they would have put more Baton Rouge bands on the list, but maybe that’s because I know a lot more bands from Baton Rouge.”

England in 1819 is a family affair, literally, which includes Andrew Callaway, his brother Dan and father Liam. Although the band formed several years ago, they have gained new momentum with a lengthy tour schedule.

“It’s basically been non-stop touring for about a year now,” Andrew explained. “We go out on the road for about 4 or 5 weeks and then we’ll come back and take 3 weeks off, and then go back on. But even when we’re off we’re still playing every weekend. We’re just working to get our name out there.”

With the hectic and ever growing list of show dates, the group struggles to find time to work on new tracks.

“We’re working on recording in our off time,” Andrew noted. “We might even just release singles here and there because it’s easier for us considering that we’re touring so much. We just don’t have time to stop and record a full album. So we’re in a constant state of recording and playing live shows.”

If you have not yet seen England in 1819 perform live, you’ll soon have your chance. The band is set to perform at Mud and Water in downtown Baton Rouge on Thursday, April 11.

Below is the full list of bands featured in the Paste Magazine article.

  1. Au Ras Au Ras – New Orleans
  2. Brass Bed – Lafayette
  3. The Breton Sound – New Orleans
  4. Caddywhompus – New Orleans
  5. Coyotes – New Orleans
  6. England in 1819 – Baton Rouge
  7. Gashcat – Shreveport
  8. Gold and the Rush – New Orleans
  9. Rareluth – Lafayette
  10. Royal Teeth – New Orleans
  11. Sun Hotel – New Orleans
  12. Vagabond Swing – Lafayette

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