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Customers getting ready for State Sales Tax Holiday

Photo provided by staff.
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POSTED: Thursday, August 1, 2013 - 4:43pm

UPDATED: Thursday, August 1, 2013 - 5:04pm

If you are shopping for back to school supplies, you might want to wait a day. Friday is the start of Louisiana's sales tax holiday.

Things that your students will need for school, like clothes, electronics, and school supplies are all tax free!
One college student told me he's on a tight budget, so he's ready to save some money.

"Obviously it's beneficial, especially on a college budget to get any help I can get."

Damon Gautreau's getting ready for his senior year of college, and he said he's taking advantage of the tax free weekend.

"I'm going to throw in a couple of dividers, maybe some tab dividers. I don't know. It might get crazy, some highlighters," Gautreau said. "I don't know."

Wal-mart spokesperson Molly Philhours said the goal is to help people save money. Wal-mart is one of many stores getting prepared for a tax free weekend. Anything you spend under $2,500 will not include the 4% sales tax.

"Wal-mart's really excited. It's a great time for customers. It's a great time in our stores," Philhours said. "We know that back to school costs can add up and we're here to help. Some of the savings this weekend means enough coverage for an extra shirt, or a backpack or a notebook for a family."

Gautreau said sales tax free weekend will not just help him, it will help everyone.

"With the economic times we are facing, we are going through some turmoil here," Gautreau said. "So, whenever there is a chance for the community as a whole to get involved and to benefit from one overall discount, that's obviously good for the community and good for Baton Rouge."

"It's a great weekend. I already have some purchases in mind," Philhours said.

Tax-free weekend is this Friday and Saturday. It does not cover hospitality services like restaurants or spas.   

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