BRPD hosts self-defense classes for women

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POSTED: Thursday, November 14, 2013 - 11:50pm

UPDATED: Friday, November 15, 2013 - 2:48pm

It might look like fun and games, but don't let the smiles fool you.  These ladies are handling some serious business

"We're teaching women on the 'Equalizer' self defense class," said BRPD Cpl. Rendy Richard. "We just teach them basic skills on how to protect themselves."

Although it was the final night of this month's two week course, students say they'll carry away much more than a certificate.

"But with this class, it actually empowers us, and puts us in a better position so if they try something, we'll be able to defend ourselves," said student, Dana Sykes.

Instructors say don't let age or ability keep you from kicking crime.  According to Cpl. Stewart Tate, "if you only learn one thing out of four nights, then you're better prepared than when you came in here."  Richard added, "We've seen 80 year old ladies, we've seen 13 year old little girls. The response has been great! We enjoy teaching it, and it gives back to the community that we're here to help."

And in dangerous situations, being prepared is key.

"It gives you the confidence to say, you know what, i'm not worried about someone doing [something] because I have this as a backup," said Sykes.

If you missed the class, instructors gave a few tips. "Hold your keys, get off your cell phone when you're walking to your car. Know where you park and park under a light."

And for organizers, it's much more than a class.  It is a mission.

"We give you the tools to make sure you get home safe," said Tate.
Richard added, "...that's the reward for us"

Students can take the "Equalizer" class as many times as they like. To register and reserve your spot, call the Baton Rouge Police Training Academy 225-389-3886.

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