BR Yoga students fight Alzheimer's Disease with 'The Brain Cleanse'

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POSTED: Wednesday, February 5, 2014 - 11:46pm

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We exercise our body--arms, legs--but what about our brain?"  If you look into the future, imagine you are 80 or 100 years old and you are physically fit, but your brain doesn't work, what is that good for?" said Yoga Master, Siddhi.

And with more than 5 million Americans living with Alzheimer's Disease, One yoga master is trying to change that, with a practice called The Brain Cleanse.  "Well I invented The Brain Cleanse because I really realized in my 13 years of teaching organ cleanses, that I always forgot about the head," she added.  "So I also became aware that everything starts in the head. Our very well-being is depending on how we think."

After years of research, She's taken The Brain Cleanse to India, South Africa, and now the sold out 7-day program is in the capital city at Yoga Bliss. "I'm excited," said one student.  Siddhi aims to strengthen the brain through series of breathwork, mantras, and exercises.  "I like the full body shaking," said student, Elissa O'Neal.  "I felt like I was at a good music concert.  I feel good, I always feel good after I do a little exercise and perspire a little bit."

Students like Audrey Kafkallides note that they're feeling the benefits already. "We're going to work on getting rid of habits and patterns. The habits of waking up in the morning and making the coffee and at nine, drinking the wine. Those are going to change," she said.  When asked about the benefits to students, Siddhi, said, "There was a lot of being in touch with their emotions again, and not being aware of how much they suppress."

And this gathering's not just for the girls.  "I'm a big guy," said Beau Price.  "I was a lineman in high school, and if you're comfortable in your manhood, you'll realize that what you're doing is for the benefit of your body, which is the most important thing."   But if you missed out, Siddhi says try these at home. "Do everyday, something that's unknown to you.  If you always drive the same way to your work, always try to take different ways. really challenge your brain. Make sure when you eat, eat something that's for you and not against you." 

She wants individuals to be healthy on all levels. 

Siddhi added, "We don't have to wait for the outside, we really, literally have it in our hands to change our brains. Our brains love to love and be loved."

She also encouraged people to smile each day.  She says activities like drinking alcohol, overeating, and, lack of social interaction can all cause harm to the brain.  For more information, visit e-mail or call 805-280-9779

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