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POSTED: Friday, November 1, 2013 - 4:00pm

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It's something everyone gets asked this question when they're growing up: What do you want to be when you get older?

Well, a group of students from the Big Buddy Program might have their answers now.

Dionne Rousseau's an attorney at Jones Walker in Baton Rouge. Not many people get to see what she does on an everyday basis, but these students got that opportunity.

"Well it's great for Jones Walker to be a part of the community, and education is very important to us. We like to have this opportunity, and Big Buddy gives us the opportunity to interact with kids and show them how important education is, and it's helped us become lawyers," Rousseau said. "We were worried that just talking about lawyers would be too boring, and so seriously we wanted to show them that teamwork is important in delivering our services to our clients."

The students are part of the Big Buddy Program's Day of the Mentor, and they get the inside scoop on career paths they're interested in. After Friday, some of them may even consider becoming a lawyer.

"Some people may think it's frightening to be in court or they don't like that performance aspect of it," Rousseau said. "There's really lots of different skills that if you can read and if you can write and solve problems, you can do transactions or you can do tax law. You can do intellectual property law. So it's very multi-faceted."

"I learn a lot of stuff about markets, like you can do a lot of stuff. You can draw on the computer," Jay-Lisha said. "You could use the computers."

Jay-Lisha and her fellow mentees picked up skills in a few different career paths because not everyone who works at a law firm is a lawyer.
Mentees spent the day alongside secretaries, para-legals, and marketing executives.

"We hope they learn that if they stay in school and work hard, there's lots of opportunities for them to find things that they love doing."

This is Big Buddy's 15th year doing Day of the Mentor. ExxonMobil, LSU Champs Program, and EBR Sherriff's office were also some of the organizations who took part. 

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